About Us

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Perfume Gallery, Inc. was established in August 22, 2005 as a small perfume stall located in Baltimore, Maryland. At the time of its conception, the business was merely a perfume stand with a few dozen perfumes located within an oudoors market.

As our loyal customers began to trust our strictly vetted perfume manufacturer-to-supplier chain of supply, we grew into two stores and eventually merged as one Perfume Gallery family. Since our founding, our business has been a small family-owned and -operated store.


We have sold thousands of brand-name fragrances and beauty products since 2005, both in various e-commerce marketplaces and on our official online and offline platforms. For over a decade, we have built an extremely loyal customer base and are fully committed to serving our Perfume Gallery family, even if that means that our items have to be sold cost-to-cost. We are fully cognizant of the fact that had it not been for our customers, we would simply not be in existence.

As such, we endeavor to provide an unparalleled, excellent customer experience and are always open to working with you to reasonably negotiate prices and offer discounts. Please browse through our items and feel free to inquire about anything you don't see but would like to purchase. Chances are, we have got it!


We take great pride in our authentic fragrances just as much as we cherish our loyal customers. We stand behind all of our brand name fragrances and beauty products, all of which go through multiple stages of inspection to ensure that the item is nothing but the 100% genuine product. We have been vetted by local and national authorities and have successfully passed all inspections. 

The backbone of our core business values depends on the integrity and honesty of our products and communication respectively. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will make it up to you. 

Getting a bargain from cheap sellers may sound good, but it is often fraudulently done at the expense of sacrificing an item's quality, or worse – authenticity. As mentioned above, we thoroughly ensure that all of our fragrances are procured from authorized or verified distributors of fragrance brands, manufacturers, and companies. Consequently, our prices – however painstakingly reasonable – may appear to be higher compared to our "competitors."

We strongly encourage you to ask yourself: would you really spend your hard-earned money on iffy or fake fragrances that not only hurt businesses but are also actually hazardous to your own body and health? Or would you rather invest in – and trust – a business that (for over a decade) has been as committed to ethical business practices as to the integrity of its fragrances? Here at Perfume Gallery, we stand behind our authentic products and are proud to offer them at the most reasonable rates.